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Often just talking through a traumatic experience or difficult feelings with another person can be incredibly therapeutic.

People come to psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, just finding a way through difficult life events can seem impossible, and we can find ourselves stuck in patterns of relationships which feel are unhealthy, or struggling to deal with events in our past or present and the feelings we experience can seem overwhelming and very confusing.

I can assist with; Anxiety (GAD) - Adoption - Depression - Stress - Relationship Issues - Affairs/Separation - Addiction - Anger Management - Mental Health - Trauma - OCD - PTSD - Sexual Abuse - Domestic Abuse - Emotional Abuse - Panic Attacks- Phobias - Low Self Esteem - Child Related Issues - Eating Disorders - Sexual Problems - Gender Identity - Parenting Issues - Transition - Bereavement - Infertility - Existential Issues - Bipolar - Personal Development

I have extensive experience and knowledge around working with survivors of sexual, domestic and childhood abuse and I also trained to support those with adoption issues. If you decide that I am the right counsellor for you, we will work together with what you bring, with the understanding that we will not simply examine the problem/issue in isolation but as a part of your world, seeing it in the wider context of your life and history.  

I can offer a free 20 minute call in which you can talk about what you need support with and ask me questions. 

After this you will be offered  an initial assessment session.

This first session is not the same as a regular therapy session, although you may find it therapeutic. I will explain what counselling is about and how the purpose of this session is to give you the chance to get a feel for how I work, to ask questions and for us to discuss a way forward which will include; the duration of your counselling or psychotherapy, confidentiality & GPDR Privacy Policy, arrangements for cancelled sessions and holidays, but most importantly what you would like to get from your therapy.

During our initial sessions, we will delve deeply into the issues at hand, and collaborate to create a plan for addressing them in a way that helps you get your life back. Most of my clients see a gradual lifting of symptoms within the first 4 to 6  weeks and sustained improvement thereafter.

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Call Edward on 07792 187304 or email ejs.counselling@gmail.com 

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