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“Nature has given us all the pieces required to achieve exceptional wellness and health, but has left it to us to put these pieces together.”—Diane McLaren

Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk therapy brings all the benefits of a normal therapy session with the added advantage of being out in nature. We carefully select local natural spaces which offer peace and quiet as well as the beauty of the natural world.


Like with walk and talk therapy, ecotherapy clients will gain many benefits from being in nature, however the focus will be to support them to connect with the natural environment in a deeper and more meaningful way. Exactly how the session will unfold will depend on the individual but it may include; meditation exercises which help to ground and connect; focusing on a particular tree or animal; making something creative using natural found materials. Clients may also be encouraged to explore their environment to find meaning and mirroring from Nature. This supports greater insights into personal experiences, feelings or issues related to relationships or certain situations.

Nature Based Relationship Therapy

Studies now show that people with strong connections with nature report feeling happier and more content. Being outside in nature brings its own healing element and this combines with exploring the symbols and mirroring that nature. Walking together or spending time in a natural space being guided by a therapist can support discussion and discovery that may not be accessible by simple sitting online or in a room.

Nature Based Trauma Recovery

Our approach is informative and will support you to relate to your body as an integral aspect of your life and experience. In the western world educators and organisations have often split the mind and body. We have also become progressively split from the natural world from which we came and grounding and connecting with the universal power of nature has been proven to support trauma recovery. Using a more nature based approach supports you to begin to understand and listen to your body at the same time supporting you to release deep set anxieties and anger in a more caring and connected way. 

Deeper Nature Journeying    

n.b Deeper Nature Journeying is most suitable for those who have already embarked on personal development work and feel ready to go deeper.                                                    

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and wondered "why am I here?" or been so touched by the beauty of a tree or landscape that you have been moved to tears?

When we have these experiences we are deeply and intuitively being touched by our deepest self, our unique essence which is so fundamentally connected to all of life.
This is how our Soul communicates directly to our consciousness, through the wonder of nature and the vastness of the cosmos.

In these deeper nature session you will be offered an opportunity to listen to the soft inner voice of the Soul, learning that the natural world is also there to guide you to realising your deepest truth and your life's unique purpose:

Group Workshops

Our Nature Connection workshops provide groups with a fulfilling and healing experience which benefits individuals, communities and the natural world. Each workshop uses the NatureWell Approach which supports the group to engage with nature through the Five Pathways of Connection, Beauty, Emotion, Compassion & Meaning.

Weekend workshops are available for community groups, work place groups or groups referred by health care providers. Please get in touch for more information about how our workshops can be tailored to groups needs.

Breathing out
I feel
My body softening
With the earth beneath me
I feel
My body spreading roots
Deep down into the earth
Nourishing every part of me
Feeding the spirit
Replenishing all that is thirsty
Breathing in
I feel
The inner landscape of the body opening out
Earthy and moist
A place to plant seeds
A heartfelt wish
A place to nurture
Wholesome food for the body

The Earth Nourishes Me © Treasa Cassidy (Earth Pathways Diary)

Sessions take place in carefully selected natural wild spaces, chosen for their beauty, peace and tranquillity. 


Go Well with Natures Blessing ......

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


'Weaver of Silent Stories'


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